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Life / Relationship Coach

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Fly Me To You 

Bring me to you. Dates start at four hour minimum plus travel expenses. Deposit is required.


Flower packages:

60 min  400  RED Steam
1.5    500  Rainbow Steam
2 hrs 600  Purple Steam
3 hrs 800 Pink Steam
4 hrs 1000 Yellow Steam 
6 hrs  1500 White Steam
8 hrs 1600 Orange Steam
Overnight  2500 Lilac

Full Day 3000 Salmon Steam
Couple 60 mins   500 Muti Colored

*Additional hours $200 

​*Couples add 350 each additional hour 

​*These gifts are for our time spent together. When we meet, please place the gift on the desk or table in clear view,. Please "Do not discuss the gift at any point or I will have to ask you to leave." 

Cash or gift cards with Receipt , No Exceptions.

*OUT CALL $50 - $100 to your home or upscale hotel depending on location.

Outside of Atlanta 100 hour... " For established clients ONLY"...


    Beloved, Marie Bella


   BELOVED, Marie Bella​