VIP Marie Bella

Connection Mentor, 



Life Coach

Frequently Asked  Questions

When are you available?
I am always available in Atlanta

for short or long sessions ,

hourly , daily, weekends ,

nightly unless my Home page

says “on vacation”. 

Where are you available?
I'm located in Atlanta , Ga. I travel to a different city every few

months to every few weeks!

Please check my Tour Dates page for specific dates. I go to most

major cities in the US particularly in Georgia , the South, the Midwest ,

West coast and the Northeast. I travel almost everywhere. I travel

nationwide. Currently open to traveling out of the country.


What is your screening process?

Instructions per website:
P411: Please send me a pre-screen or appointment request.

References: Please fill out my contact form and list your references along

with their contact info. I will not reply if their contact info is not included.

Either their phone number, email, or a link to their ad.

Newbie Screening: Please fill out my contact form include all the information need. Name, email, employment , ID ,time and date requesting. I will contact

you back and let you know what info I will need from you.

Are you newbie friendly?
I am newbie friendly! I really enjoy seeing new guys and making their first

hobby experience a great one. You are required to send a lot of information ..

This is for MY safety New gentleman after we have met

which helps both the client and other providers in the business who do not

see newbies. Please understand that a lot personal information will be r

equired, fill out my screening form on my contact page and we will go from


Do you travel?
I do travel with established clients. I have a daily rate of $2000. If we have

met and you are interested in this, please bring it up in our next session..