BELOVED, Marie Bella​

Connection Mentor, 





Life / Relationship Coach

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If you would you like to bring a gift.
Gift cards  
is always sweet.  
Fragrances   :
 Ed Hardy - Chanel- Coach- Jimmy Choo - Curve-

Body oils,  

Flowers,  candles, 

Your welcome to bring a nice bottle of your Best-Loved drink.  
Getting to know you is the most treasured gift 




9.5 Shoe Size
Manicured Nails & Toes
Flat tummy
Great Laugh
Small waist  
Pretty doll face 
Work-out 3 days a week 

VIP Marie Bella 

She has Head-turning Style with amazing model looks, She always has Extraordinary fun.. She is Top 10 of Atlanta 
Marie Bella is Labeled  "The True Meaning of Luxury."

She likes to enjoy  time  with friends having a wonderful  breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a nice cocktail, always topped with  GREAT conversation... 
This is where Excellence and Convenience Meet.. 

VIP Marie Bella of Atlanta  She will always leave heads turning.  She has been reviewed as the ideal model for business, social, events, and private events.
Remember your date with this amazingly sexy lady, will be  memorable.

 Interesting things about me:
1) I always set my alarm for 2 hours earlier than needed, with 1 hour reminder...
2) I apply mascara with an open mouth.
3) I have looked for my sunglasses when they were right on top of " My Head ".
4) I always keep different shampoos, various conditioners and five (or more) different shower gels,  plus 20 + body sprays .
5) It seems like always have nothing to wear, BUT my closet is overloaded with stuff...
6) I mix mayonnaise with ketchup to dip my chips in. 
7) I always use a GPS, even locally .
8) When I go on a 3-day trip , I usually, pack over 7 outfits, just in case.

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